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One Planet Wincanton is a community group working towards a sustainable future

One Planet Wincanton is a community group set up by residents of Wincanton and the surrounding area working towards a sustainable future. It was set up in response to the UK Parliament's declaration of an Environmental and Climate Emergency and SSDC’s declaration of a Climate and Ecological Emergency and is contributing to WEEP (Wincanton Environmental and Ecological Plan).

Why are we called One Planet Wincanton? If everyone in the world lived the way we do in Western Europe (and that includes the UK, Somerset and Wincanton) we would need three Planet Earths to support us. We only have one.

"Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year". www.overshootday.org



In 2021 Earth Overshoot Day fell on the 29th July. Global Footprint Network has a calculator so you can work out your own global footprint and your personal overshoot day with this calculator. You might be shocked at the result but anything you can do to reduce this is positive.

It has become evident that the way we live is causing climate change, loss of biodiversity and fast outstripping the Earth’s resources. We need to find a way of living sustainably.

Our aims are: - To share information on how we can all live more sustainably - To promote biodiversity - To develop and support community projects to these ends - To liaise with local businesses and organisations to promote sustainability

We are using Bioregional’s One Planet Living framework as a focus.


Ten principles to help communities flourish in a healthy and sustainable way

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