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Medicine Blister Pack Recycling

Unfortunately, Superdrug in Yeovil, who were the registered drop off point for medicine blister packs, are no longer taking them. We've therefore had to remove our collection points at Wincanton Library and Wincanton Fruit n Veg with immediate effect. Whilst this may return in the future if we can find another business to collect them, please don't store up your blister packs in the meantime. For now, your packs will have to go into your general household waste bin.

no more blister pack recycling in Wincanton

plant swap poster


Plant Swap and Repair Cafe

10am - 1pm, Saturday 27th May

At The Balsam Centre, Wincanton

Come along - bring your repairs and swap your plants and seedlings. If you have plants you would like to drop off before 27th, you can take them to The Growing Space (opposite the Balsam Centre) which is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10am - 4pm.

Our Plant Swap and Repair Cafe will be part of a larger event at the Balsam Centre on 27th - 'Elements' Climate Fair.  If you would like to know what else is happening at this event, go to www.elememtsclimate.co.uk/whats-on.

Response to the 6th IPCC Report

One Planet Wincanton was formed in 2019 in response to declarations of an environmental and climate emergency at most levels of government. Our aims were, and still are, to share information on how we can all live more sustainably and promote biodiversity. The 6th IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) report issued this Monday reminded us that much more radical action is needed within the next 10 years at government and intergovernmental level. There are avenues for us to support this eg via Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, campaign groups, lobbying our Members of Parliament (when we have one) or lobbying Government departments at national and county level and as individuals many of us probably do this.

However, we still also need to live our own everyday lives more sustainably and One Planet Wincanton will continue to be a local grass roots group encouraging and promoting ways of doing this.

You can find information and suggestions in this website, find out about our events and activities on the News and Projects pages, also on our Facebook page and Facebook group or join our mailing list by emailing us at oneplanetwincanton@gmail.com

We can ALL do something

Repair Cafe Every 4th Saturday of the Month

* apart from December when there is no repair cafe *

10am - 1pm, At The Balsam Centre in Wincanton.

Come and have help to repair your clothes, leather goods, general & mechanical repairs, electrics (not kettles - sorry),electronics including computers and radios, - and you can even learn to crochet!

Everyone has something they have put back in a cupboard with the idea of repairing one day. Those things sit there often for years until eventually they may even get thrown out. Here is your chance to have it repaired and use it again - or pass it on for others to use. One man's junk is another man's treasure - particularly if it's just been repaired!

This is a free service but donations to keep us going are always welcome!

The Balsam Centre is on the same side road as the Memorial Hall and Berry's bus stop, further along that road around the corner. The venue is the contemporary building on the next bend with "The Balsam Centre" on the front, (free parking in the car park) or if on foot, take the alleyway next to the Wincanton Cobblers and walk straight through the car park; The Balsam Centre is directly ahead. 

To find out more about the Repair Cafe and how it's working, head over to our Projects page.

Repair cafe

Repair Cafe

Superdrug leaflet

Our medicine blister pack recycling scheme is now up and running!

The collection bin is at Wincanton Fruit & Veg - currently in their wholefood shop which fronts onto the High Street.   The packs must be empty and no cardboard packets or paper, please.

The blister packs are recycled via Superdrug in Yeovil thanks to our wonderful volunteers who will collect and transport them. The Superdrug scheme also raises money for Marie Curie Nurses so, as well as keeping your blister packs out of landfill, you'll be helping a good cause!

Blister Pack Recycling Blister Pack Recycling

We have planted test patches of native wild flowers for pollinators in Cash's Park

If they’re successful, more will be planted next year. We’ve also planted four crab apple trees there and, in collaboration with the Growing Space, five native British trees (1 field maple, 2 hazel & 2 wayfaring) beside Penn View playing field.

Native woodland flower bulbs have also been planted in Cash’s Copse (at the top of Cash’s Park). The aim for the copse is for it to be lightly managed to increase biodiversity.

Our long term aim is to extend a biodiverse, wildlife friendly corridor as far around Wincanton as possible.

Cash's Park

Sarah Dyke, South Somerset Portfolio Holder for Environment

Get SuSSed!

Sustainable South Somerset Education

Counsillor Sarah Dyke is the South Somerset District Council's Portfolio Holder for Environment. As part of her role, she produces a monthy newsletter, Get SuSSed, where the Council will keep you in the know on all things linked to their Environment Strategy, with new recycling initiatives, courses and events, giveaways, and news on what's happening across Somerset.

To view the newsletters, follow this link.